Cool Designs for your PC Mods

Cool modding products for computer cases

Introducing: Chill-r

The "Chill-r concept"

  • Modds for your computer case side panel.
  • A custom designed window for any personal computer side panel.
  • Clear glass or colored glass window.
  • Glass with a beautiful -one off a kind - print.
  • Design your own print, or let us design it for you.
  • Pick your favorit image and have it printed on your new glass window.
  • Available in different size-ranges and shapes.
  • Replace an acrylic window with a custom Chill-r glass window.
  • Enhance the effect with matching Cable sleeves and Led Lights.

The "Chill-r check"

  • Ever thought about Modding your PC?
  • Are you a Pro Modder or new to modifying your PC Case?
  • Want to give your PC the ultimate, unique and personal finishing touch?
  • Do you want to showcase your Hardware?
  • Want to give your personal computer a real cool design?
  • Like to reduce the noise level of your PC?
  • Want a PC with a beautifull design?

The "Chill-r answer"

  • The ultimate creative solution to finish off any PC build!
  • Fully customizable Glass Window for the Side Panel of your PC Case.
  • Glass that gets Printed with the Design to your liking!
  • Think of something Creative and give your PC Case that extra bit of yourself!
  • -Your New Work of Art - No more boring designs!
  • Use LEDs or Cold Kathode Lights to maximize the Effect!
  • Sleeve your cables in matching colors!

Products: custom -printed- glass window

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